The Power of TikTok

Why are so many trends started on this app?

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Gage Carlucci, Entertainment Editor

LHS junior, Julia Zeigler. Photo courtesy Zeigler.

Marketing firms are watching trends on the social media platform, TikTok to gauge consumer interests. Since the social media platform was released in 2016, it has captured the attention of followers worldwide and influenced the music industry, and promoted a wide array of trends. 

According to National Public Radio, TikTok claims it has about a hundred million users in the United States, and for many artists and creators, the app has been a career-changer, especially during the pandemic” and that record producers are taking note of emerging talent and signing them for contracts (NPR).  Another phenomenon occurring on TikTok is that music from the past is resurfacing.

In October Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams” was in the hot 100s charts for the first time since its initial release in 1977, reported The New York Times.  

Fleetwood Mac Rumours album. Image courtesy

TikTok followers said one of the appealing features of the platform is the availability and access of new and trending music that listeners would not have otherwise discovered.

“I think TikTok has changed the way music is discovered in the sense that instead of having to actively search for new music, it’s handed to us in almost every video you scroll through,” said Julia Zeigler, a junior at Lancaster High School. “It just makes it so much easier to discover new music without even trying,” she said.

“Despite its superficially frivolous nature, young people have been using the platform to send political messages, coordinate political actions, and hang out in an online space largely free of adults,” wrote Kevin Munger, a contributor to The National Interest.

“While I think that it’s affected music the most it’s definitely changed the way we ingest different types of media as well,” said Zeigler. “All the time, I see, not only song recommendations, but also shows and books.”

LHS junior, Mari Van Horn. Photo courtesy Van Horn.

The primary uniqueness of the TikTok viewing experience is its For You Page, in which an algorithmically programmed feed serves followers the content that they are likely to find engaging (New York Times).

Another component that influences popular and emerging trends is that the TikTok community is composed of a wide variety of culture,

“I think so many trends happened on TikTok because it’s a very large platform with a very diverse community, so creativity just happens naturally.” Says Mari Van Horn, a junior at Lancaster High School. 

Baking became a popular trend on TikTok that emerged after the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced followers to stay home.

“When quarantine first started I made some bread and baked a ton,” said Zeigler.