Eye of the Gale

2018-2019 Staff

Alexis Owens

Editor in chief

Alexis Owens is a senior at LHS and is the editor in chief of Eye of the Gale. On the weekends, Alexis can be found either at Olive Garden or in her room crying over the One Direction breakup. Alexis likes her coffee iced with...

Nate Weber

Sports Editor

Nathan Weber is a senior at LHS. He's on the football team and he spends most of his time at practice. If he isn’t at school or practice you can find him at the LHS outdoor courts playing basketball with his friends. He wants...

Emma Deeter

Editorials Editor

Emma is a Sophomore. She loves dogs even though she doesn’t own one. She participates in the LHS color guard and Women’s Choral. She enjoys spending time with family and friends playing card games and watching movies.

Morgan Orr

Community Editor

Morgan is a sophomore. She loves to be around people who make her laugh and she loves to try new things with makeup. Morgan also loves iced coffee and probably drinks it more than she should. :)

Hannah Stevens

Online Website Assistant Editor

Hannah Stevens is a sophomore. She enjoys being around friends and dogs, drinking coffee, and eating a lot of food.

Maddie Culbertson

Print Layout Assistant

Sophomore. Madison's hobbies include art and photography. She is involved in the multimedia program at LHS. She enjoys babysitting, drinking iced coffee, her dog, and watching American Horror Story. Madison is looking forward...

Jacob Ewing

Print Layout Editor

Jacob Ewing is a Sophomore and the Print Layout Editor for Eye of the Gale. He throws both shot put and discus with the LHS track team and is also a member of the Men’s Ensemble Choir. He enjoys lifting weights and playing with...

David Fisher

Photography Editor/Crew Leader

David is a Junior - always pushing his luck with his crippling procrastination. David is hungry for responsibility.  He's just hungry in general; he'll eat any leftovers. Neutral Milk Hotel, The Evaporators, Spoon, Adolescents,...

Macie May

Photography Crew

Macie May is a Senior in the journalism program and she is a part of the photography crew. She can be found with either of her friends, Anna or Alexis. She enjoys listening to music and getting Starbucks. Macie is hoping for a...

Tori Griffith

Photography Crew

Victoria enjoys reading and playing video games. She is overly obsessed with Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. She spends lots of time with her boyfriend Dylan,who is her best friend. She loves all things fa...

Bradon Williams

Business and Circulation

Bradon Williams is a sophomore that likes to write to write and listen to music. He's in LHS Men's Ensemble and has a passion for teaching.

Brock May

Staff Writer

Brock May is a senior at LHS. He’s in Drama Club and is currently helping to build a set for the fall play. Brock enjoys video games and plays D&D. He is an avid reader and enjoys creative writing . Brock likes to make o...

Isaac Robberts

Staff Writer

Isaac is a 10th grader. He’s wears jersey number ten on the varsity squad for soccer. In addition to soccer, his hobbies include playing with his cats, and being with friends.. At age six, he lived in Europe for two years to...

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