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Lancaster’s softball team ranks number one in state
LHS sophomores Mia Griggs and Lana Prince in the outfield. Photo courtesy of Central Ohio Photography.
LHS sophomores Mia Griggs and Lana Prince in the outfield. Photo courtesy of Central Ohio Photography.


The Lancaster High School softball team started their season making history by ranking number one in the state for the first time. Recently the team has traveled out of Ohio to compete and gain experience to keep them at the top of the leaderboard. 

Coach Allison Kinnard stated that in a matter of days, they increased their statewide rank.

“We are actually ranked #3 in the state as of last Sunday; it can change weekly. The girls in the program have worked very hard in the off season and I think their hard work is finally getting noticed,” said Kinnard. 

LHS sophomore Hailey Rings said that when they all saw their ranking they were beyond proud of their achievements. 

LGS sophomore Hailey Rings carrying her injured teammate Kileigh Roar. Photo courtesy of Central Ohio Photography.

“Being ranked number one in the state of Ohio in division one meant a lot to me and the team. Our whole team has put in so much work in the offseason and it definitely paid off,” said Rings. 

During spring break, the softball team traveled to Florida for competition. They played five games in all, scoring four wins and only one loss. 

“We had a great spring break trip to Florida where we played great games and made lots of memories together off the field. This season has been full of great games with lots of competition to challenge us for postseason play,” stated Coach Kinniard. 

LHS senior Ashlin Mowery up to bat. Photo courtesy of LHS Twitter.

LHS senior, Ashlin Mowery, who has committed to Louisiana State University, said that, to her, the Pickerington Central game might be her favorite highlight of the season so far.

“Our second game against Pickerington Central, I was one error short of a perfect game. I gave up zero hits, a walk and twelve strikeouts,” she said.  

But it is not all home runs and grand slams yet.  In fact the Lady Gales must be ready for all of the pop-ups and slow rollers that come their way.

“We have had some very challenging opponents which has taught us a lot about the team.  They are learning from each and every experience and making the most of opportunities,” said Kinniard.

“The weather is also another challenge spring athletes have to face because it changes so often.  We could be scheduled to play a game one day and then it changes to practices and rescheduled for another day.  They have to be very flexible and adapt to changes during spring sports,” she said.

A special part of the LHS softball program is the team’s dynamics and that there is always communication and teamwork on and off the field. Cheering, talking, and backing up each other is always key to winning and having fun during any game.  

“The members of the team get along really well.  They are very supportive of each other and are truly happy for their teammates’ successes and opportunities.  These girls spend a lot of time together and most of it is spent laughing, giggling and making lasting memories they will cherish forever,” said Kinniard.

“Our pitchers love it when we are there talking behind them on the field. So they know we have their backs. Being able to work as a team helps a lot with this and makes games fun,” said Rings. 

LHS sophomore Mia Griggs after hitting a homerun. Photo courtesy of Griggs.

LHS sophomore Mia Griggs echoed what Rings stated about the team’s dynamics. 

“ Everyone cares so much for each girl even if they notice it or not. I’ve never met a group of girls so talented and who have such a great work ethic. Every girl wants to be there every practice, game, scrimmage, etc. Then those little things like that just make you want to go to practice everyday,” she said. 

Griggs said that even though there is a lot of softball yet to play, the team is focused on winning and going all the way into state competition.

“Goals for this season are definitely to go as far as possible from sectionals, to districts, to regionals, and finally states. I also would say a goal is to make our team as much as a family as possible. We all love each other so much and the closer we are the better,” said Griggs. 

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