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ACE’d the Season

Boys tennis team takes the OCC championship
2023-2024 LHS Tennis team. Photo courtesy of Grace Hampson.

The Lancaster High school boys tennis team won the OCC championship for the first time in sixteen years. Coach Justin Clark listed a number of accomplishments the team acquired this season including exciting matches and the growth and improvement the athletes experienced.

“Winning the OCC for the first time since 2008; with a senior athlete winning 7-5 in the tough 2nd set tiebreaker.  Landon Watson came to play and win. Introducing the game to nine freshmen; watching each player grow individually and with our team.  No one is the same from the beginning to the end of the season,” said Clark.

LHS senior Landon Watson. Photo courtesy of Pam Bosser.

LHS senior Landon Watson shared his personal highlights of his final high school tennis season.

“Two highlights of this season have been the matches we played against Newark and Pickerington central. Both matches I played for about three hours and won in tiebreaks. It was such an amazing feeling to pull through against teams that are very skilled,” he said.

 LHS freshman Cole Alspach described the dynamics of the team.

 “ I feel like we have good chemistry and a good team dynamic. Enough messing around and taking it seriously,” said Alspach. 

 Watson, who was the only senior athlete on the team, had a significant influence on his teammates.

 “Landon stands out because he was usually the last one still playing and he won his matches which won the team match overall,” said LHS sophomore Shawn King. 

LHS sophomore Grace Hampson. Photo courtesy of Bosser.

LHS sophomore Grace Hampson said that being the only female player on the team was sometimes an advantage for her.

“I‘d like to think I stand out from my teammates because of the sole fact that I’m a girl.

Many times my opponents shrug me off and see me as easy competition, but after they see me hit a couple of balls you can start to see them sweat a bit,” said Hampson. 

Coach Clark said that one of the greatest aspects of tennis is enjoying the game and playing throughout one’s life.

“No one knows the passion you have for the game, no one will ever know, but it’s so important to focus on what you know, and what you’ve been taught by other amazing coaches through your life’s journey,” said Clark.

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