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Oh Split!

Tough season for LHS Varsity bowling teams
Left: LHS Girls’ Varsity Bowling team. Right: LHS Boys’ Varsity Bowling team. Photos courtesy of the LHS Athletic website.

The Lancaster High School boys’ and girls’ Varsity bowling teams both faced difficult seasons.  The team members were few and inexperienced compared to previous seasons. Varsity bowling head coach Wendy Russell described it as tough and a learning experience for the athletes.

“The level of experience with competitive bowling was limited to a few people that came up through youth programs. The majority of the team is learning to bowl as they represent the team. This can be challenging since it is easier to advance skills on those that have experience bowling than starting from scratch,” said Russell.

“The hard part for some with the lack of experience, as in other sports, is controlling nerves in highly competitive situations. We made great strides in getting past those this year,” she said. 

LHS senior Payton Wince. Photo courtesy of Wince.

LHS senior varsity bowler Payton Wince described her season to be like a roller coaster.

“As a team we all had our ups and downs, our bad games, and our really good games. But we all became a little closer as each practice and game went by. The most challenging thing for me and the team this season would have to be not getting enough practice on synthetic lanes,” said Wince.

Another LHS senior Dalton Evans found his year to be fun but challenging.

“My senior year for bowling was pretty good. I actually got to play varsity and play in a tournament. The most challenging part for me and the team is that we got to play Westerville South and we sadly lost but we all had fun,” said Evans.

LHS junior Zaniya Clark out of everything enjoyed her team the most this year.

LHS junior Zaniya Clark.

“I personally averaged 114, but the best part of the season was my team. The girls’ team was relatively small, but they were so incredibly supportive of one another during the season, and considering how much I was personally struggling during the time of the season, being around the girls was an incredible way to help with my personal mental health,” said Clark.

Clark is excited for next year’s bowling season. 

“I picked up on a lot of tips from my coach and seniors during the season such as ways to improve my technique, which I am incredibly excited to dive more into and employ into my own way of bowling. I want to get a better average score, and I hope to beat my current high game of 170 during the next season,” said Clark.

Russell found the team’s dynamics were very uplifting.

“They support and encourage each other regardless whether it is practice, or a match against the conference leaders. I am proud of the sportsmanship displayed by this team,” said Russell.

Clark cherished the bonds built between the bowlers throughout the season.

“I didn’t interact much with the boys, but from what I could see with them, they acted like brothers would. And as for the girls, I personally see all of them as my sisters. Even when we are not having the best time, or if we are stressed, we are all there for each other to try and cheer each other up. Everyone is just so incredibly kind to each other,” said Clark.

Wince also described the positive atmosphere the teams created during their seasons.

“My highlights of the season would have to be the bus rides with the boys being goofballs and the girls talking, the girls and I singing on the way home from tournaments, and the first day of tryouts when I met all my amazing teammates. I will always remember the people I’ve met, to bless it and let it go, and most importantly the feeling I got every time I got up on the approach. I’m gonna miss not going to bowling and seeing everyone I know and love,” said Wince.

LHS senior Dalton Evans. Photo courtesy of Evans.

Evans, who is graduating this May, said that leaving the bowling team is bitter-sweet.

“I had fun with the coach and the players. I’ll miss playing the sport and I’ll also miss the coach and players,” said Evans.

With only two seniors graduating this year, Russell feels confident that the teams will have a better outcome next season.

“Since the team has already bonded for the most part, and we will have some additions coming in that are familiar already to the team.

We will be able to build on what we have done this year right from the start,” she said. 

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