Out Of Bounds

LHS boys basketball faced difficult season
LHS seniors Canon Ailes and Hayden Allen in action against Newark. Photo courtesy of Pam Bosser.
LHS seniors Canon Ailes and Hayden Allen in action against Newark. Photo courtesy of Pam Bosser.

The LHS boys’ varsity basketball team finished their season with a 10-13 record. The team was led this year by the five seniors; Hayden Allen, J.D. Thomas, Canon Ailes, Phaylon Shackleford, and Gabriel Boyden.  Although it was a rocky season for the Gales, head coach Kent Riggs described how the team can improve for next season.

“Every single person on the team is going to try to be better and work so that we can be better for the next season. This starts now, during the offseason we are going to try to get stronger physically and mentally so that we can be the best we can be for the next season,” said Riggs.

Senior Gabriel Boyden explained that looking at the bright side of the challenging aspect of the season.

“Practice was hard but we knew it took those hard practices to be better come the end of the season. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the season we wanted to have but I will never forget how much fun I had with that team,” said Boyden.

Senior Gabe Boyden. Photo courtesy of Bosser.

Another challenge for the team this season was injuries. LHS senior Hayden Allen described his personal struggle with injuries during the season.

“During the summer in a basketball camp, I tore my shoulder and ended up getting surgery on it. Going into the season I wasn’t sure if I would be able to play but I was fortunate enough to be able to come back earlier than expected and start on time,” said Allen.

LHS senior basketball player Hayden Allen. Photo courtesy of Bosser.

Although there were a couple of downfalls this season, there were plenty of good moments as well.

“One of my favorite moments was when all the kids that play for the Gale Force Academy came and got introduced in front of a great home crowd,” said Riggs.

Coach Riggs talking to the team. Photo courtesy of Bosser

Boyden also reflected on the bond the team had.

“I was very fortunate to play with a team where we all got along but more importantly we are all good friends. This made it worth it to go through bad losses because I knew I was going through it with my friends,” said Boyden.

LHS sophomore Brody Burke said that he gained a lot of valuable experience this season.

“The seniors taught me a lot and seeing the seniors play their last game I think showed the team how quickly a sport can end for you,” said Burke.

The athletes who are nearing graduation from LHS reflected on what they have gained from their high school athletic careers.

“I will miss the experience and excitement that high school sports never lacks. I will miss having the huge thrill of victory with my friends. I will miss the memories I’ve made through the good and the bad,” said Boyden.

“I will miss the friendships that were built when you play and compete against people all year round. You grow a close relationship and I feel I am good friends with a lot of my teammates. I will definitely miss all the team dinners and activities we would do together,” said Allen.


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