Teens Have a New Hangout

Expresso love for coffee with friends

Cora Dunn

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L-City’s entrance with one of the managers making coffee in the back. Image courtesy of David Bui.

There is a new place for teens to go and hang out after school and hang out with friends. L-City and True North are new additions to the downtown area that provide coffee and provide a fun space for people to hang out. 

Owner of True North, Reif. Image courtesy of True North Instagram.
LHS, sophomore Sarah Garlinger. Image courtesy of Garlinger.

Sarah Garlinger, Lancaster high school sophomore says about True North Coffee, “I thought it was really good, the people were super nice and the food was great.”Noelle Reif, the owner of True North, learned about her love of coffee in college.

 “I learned about the different roasts and all the things that truly go into a cup of coffee,” says Reif. “I knew I did not have anything like that back home in Lancaster. As soon as I got back from traveling, I knew I needed a place to call my own.”

A year and a half later, True North is opened and Reif now has a place to call her own. 

“The response from the public has been incredible,” says Reif “We have many regulars already, and we see new faces every day. It is exciting and thrilling to know we are making an impact in the community.”

True North is one of few local businesses with a drive-through.

“Other businesses in our same category do not offer a drive-thru option”, says Reif, “we believe we reach a different crowd and have something for people who live on the east side, or just want something different other than the franchise options, we are able to provide them that service.” 

Gia Freman, LHS senior, and barista at True North says, “The work environment at True North is truly great! Reif does a great job at keeping everyone excited and fun for us to work.” Freeman continues by saying, “The drive-through is a huge asset to our business. It’s good to finally have a coffee shop that serves quality coffee on the east side of town.”

LHS, senior Ashtien Bales enjoying the coffee and games at L-City. Image courtesy of Bales.


Owner of L-City Emmett Collins with his dog. Image courtesy of Collins.

L-City is another local coffee shop. It started off on a coffee bike, says Emmett Collins, owner of L-City. 


This made everyone feel more comfortable for social distancing. So, when the time came to open up the Brick and Mortar, people were ecstatic and fled to us.” says Collins “We hope to continue to reach people in the community.”

Collins continued by saying that Lancaster has a great downtown but that it is mainly centered around the bars. To solve this problem Collins created L-City. 

“A gigantic business center, a huge space for tabletop gaming, and so much more, we are the perfect place to spend the afternoon/evening,” commented Collins.

All these aspects make it a space that is becoming a common hangout for teenagers. 

“I really enjoy it there, the atmosphere is welcoming and their music is calming.” says Ashtien Bales, LHS senior, “It’s a very positive place and has a ton of fun games and comfy seats.”

L-City’s basement or better known as The Underground is a place for people to relax and play games when they make a purchase of $5. 

LHS, seniors Ashtien Bales, Murray Robertson, Kieah Hammer, and Eli Young spending some time hanging out in the Underground. Image courtesy of Robertson.

“Monday through Friday 7 am-2 pm the Underground as a business center. Quiet background music, high-speed internet, and printer access is all included.” says Collins, “After 2 o’clock pm throughout the week and all day on the weekends, the Underground operates as a tabletop game hangout space.”

With over 130 games to choose from teenagers and others, the Underground is providing people with a good time and food and drinks.

“I love the coffee shop, the owner is cool, and he knows my order,” says Murray Robertson LHS senior.

Robertson continued by saying he has spent many Friday nights in the Underground playing games and hanging out with friends.

Students are finding a safe, fun place to express themselves and be with each other.