Spring Break 2024

Vacay or staycay?
LHS teacher Mont Goss and his family watch the solar eclipse over Spring Break. 
Photo courtesy of Goss.
LHS teacher Mont Goss and his family watch the solar eclipse over Spring Break. Photo courtesy of Goss.

There were a lot of fun things going on over Spring Break this year. Some Lancaster High School staff and students said they went on exciting vacations, some stayed home to work on their houses, and some just relaxed the days away. Here’s a few comments from them about how they spent Spring Break 2024.

LHS teacher Justin Clark said he took a vacation up in Michigan.

“My wife and I and our two furry children Timber and Barkley, went to the ‘state up north’ for a family vacation. This was the best day of our lives so far!” said Clark.

LHS teacher Justin Clark. Photo courtesy of Clark.

Another teacher, Brooke Cvetan, traveled in the opposite direction and had an exciting vacation down south.

“My high school best friend and I went to Panama City Beach. We spent the majority of our days at the beach looking for seashells. While most days were sunny, there was a lot of wind, causing the ocean to be pretty rough, so we did not get to swim a whole lot. One of our favorite parts about our vacation was the food and restaurants. We went to our favorite restaurant on the street we were staying on, called the Alibi, and we also tried some new places; Schooners and Uncle Eddie’s,” said Cvetan.

LHS teacher Brooke Cvetan and her friend in Panama City Beach. Photo courtesy of Cvetan.

While vacations are fun, a lot of people choose to spend their Spring Break at home. They used this time for things such as watching the solar eclipse. LHS teacher Mont Goss said his staycation was a combination of celebrations and completing home projects.

“I stayed at home this break. I celebrated Easter at Church and with my family. I also celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday. Demolished a bathroom in our house. Constructed a paint booth in my barn to paint our interior doors. Helped my oldest son, Isaac, build new stairs to the side door at his house. Spent some time with my grandchildren, Easton and Peyton. And took a small trip to see the solar eclipse.  I ended the break by grilling up some burgers and brats for family friends who are moving to New Jersey this week,” said Goss. 

LHS teacher Amanda Thompson said her Spring Break sharing her farm animals with students.

“We took a number of our animals to St. Bernadette school on Friday and provided an educational opportunity for the students to learn about different animals as well as different chores and activities that farmers might do,” said Thompson.

LHS teacher Amanda Thompson shows her farm animals to students.  Photo courtesy of Thompson.

LHS junior Paige Hughes used her Spring Break as an opportunity to be productive and creative.

“I see spring break as a time to catch up on life as well as get to relax. On the first day of break,  I cleaned and folded laundry that I had been putting off, deep-cleaned my room, and caught up on all of my schoolwork. On the second and third days, I worked on creating designs on t-shirts for our school’s Book Club and then actually transferring those designs onto the shirts,” she said.

Hughes didn’t waste any time to achieve what she needed and wanted to do.

“In between the first couple of days of break, I also went to work. I was very tired after those days so I decided to have some relaxing times which included hanging out with my boyfriend and sisters. From there on I went out shopping with my friends in Easton, went to dinner, and tried to soak up as much free time as I could until I had to get back to school. Finally, on the last day of break, my family and I went to my aunt’s house in Apple Valley to watch the eclipse. Overall I had a very productive and fun spring break,” said Hughes. 

LHS freshman Emma Loudon shared how she spent her break with friends and family.

LHS freshman Emma Loudon and her family celebrate Easter.  Photo courtesy of Loudon.

“On the day of Easter, my siblings and I woke up and got ready to go to our church. After church we came home and looked for our Easter baskets because we have a tradition that the Easter Bunny (my parents) will go and hide the baskets for us to find them with a ton of treats in them! Then, we all enjoyed a big Easter meal. I also hung out with my friend Miley. We painted bikini baskets, watched movies, and got fruit passion. When I wasn’t hanging out with friends over Spring Break, I was at track practice in the morning and I had a track meet at Pick North.

Because LHS had an extra day off from school, Loudon’s family was able to watch the eclipse out of town.

“On the day of the eclipse, my family and I went to Dayton because my dad has a friend who owns a farm that was in the path of totality, so we got to see the whole eclipse which was so cool! I also got to bottle-feed a baby goat for the first time and it was adorable. Overall I had a pretty busy spring break and I enjoyed it a ton,” said Loudon.

Now that Spring Break 2024 has concluded, the next big break to look forward to is summer.  Eye of the Gale will be looking for students and staff to share their summertime experiences. Take some pictures and EOTG will publish them at the beginning of the new school year.

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