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Awarded for Excellence

LHS journalism and yearbook students recognized
LHS students Carter Schorr, Cian Bowers, Drea Echard, and Allie Locke all received an individual OCC Journalism award.

Four Lancaster High School students were given the James L. McCann Excellence in Journalism Award as part of the Ohio Capital Conference Academic League. Seniors Carter Schorr, Allie Locke, Drea Echard, and sophomore Cian Bowers were recognized at a presentation at Hilliard Bradley High School recently.

LHS yearbook teacher Colleen Damanti said that she chose Allie Locke and Drea Echard as her nominees because they have been exceptional yearbook staff members for the three years they have been on yearbook staff. 

“Allie is a hardworking, dedicated, and reliable staff member. She is always willing to step up and help the classmates who are in need whether it is school related or not. Drea might be the kindest student I have ever taught and makes everyone feel like a yearbook is a big family. Both Allie and Drea are role models for the other [yearbook] staff members,” said Damanti.

LHS journalism teacher Jill Mendicino said students who received the journalism award are students who have excellent skills in writing, interviewing, photography, and are the most reliable and hard working students. 

“These two students, Carter Schorr and Cian Bowers, demonstrated leadership among the class and are thought of as strong role models for others. They met deadlines and their stories were written very well and required little to no editing,” said Mendicino. 

LHS senior Drea Echard won her second OCC Journalism award.

Drea Echard, a member of LHS yearbook staff, received the OCC journalism award for her second year in a row. Echard said that receiving this award means so much to her and makes her feel like she is seen and appreciated. 

“Being involved in many sports and clubs at the high school, there are not  many awards to recognize academics and strengths in the classroom over sports awards, so receiving this to me makes me feel seen and appreciated,” stated Echard. 

Echard attend Ohio University next fall and plans to major in Middle Childhood Education. Echard is also a part of the varsity swim team, volleyball and track and field here at LHS. 

“I am also involved in multiple clubs such as president of the Mirage club for two years, Varsity L club for four years, National Technical Honor Society, National Honor Society, Big brother Big sister for three years, and involved in Latin for four years,” said Echard.

LHS senior Allie Locke won her second OCC Journalism award.

Senior Allie Locke, a yearbook staff member at LHS said that receiving this award meant so much to her, especially winning it for the second time alongside her partner co- editor Drea Echard. 

Receiving this award holds a different weight than anything other award I have received. I am heavily involved in many sports and often only recognized for my athletic accomplishments, however I am thankful for being nominated for what I do in the classroom,” stated Locke. 

Locke plans to attend Ohio Northern University next fall and wants to study medical laboratory science. She also wants to compete with the track and field team as a thrower. Locke played four years of varsity field hockey and is currently throwing for varsity for two years in track and field  here at LHS. 

“As I play sports,  I am also involved in many clubs during my four years here at LHS; Latin club Tribune, Varsity L club, National Honors Society, National Honors Art Society, first priority, girls athletic association, and ecology club, ” said Locke. 

LHS senior Carter Schorr won his second OCC Journalism award.

Carter Schorr, Editor in Chief of the Eye of the Gale said that he felt honored to receive the OCC Journalism award and he hoped he helped many individuals in the process. 

“Getting this award forced me to look back at my three years in journalism and appreciate the stories I got the chance to write. With that being said, I would not have made it to where I am today without the guidance of Cino and my peers,” stated Schorr. 

LHS sophomore Cian Bowers won his first OCC journalism award.

First year journalism student Cian Bowers received the OCC Journalism award for the first time. Bowers described what he experienced while attending the awards presentation.

“The large engaged crowd full of talented writers and interviewers, the atmosphere of the auditorium, and positive energy from everyone uplifted my mood. And seeing the certificate on my desk every day reminds me that I can be successful and achieve great things,” said Bowers.



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