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The student news site of Lancaster High School

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The student news site of Lancaster High School

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New Faces from Different Places

LHS welcomes new staff members

Fourteen new staff members have joined Lancaster High School this year. Among them are English, Science, and Math teachers, three counselors, four educational assistants, and a new drama director. These new members of the school are eager to share their experiences here.

Courtney Carlo is a new tenth-grade English teacher. Last year she was a student teacher. Carlo indicated that she is feeling nervous but is excited to make it a great year for her students.

Courtney Carlo.

“I was working as a social worker before this and realized I wanted to work with teenagers more positively. I decided teaching would be a great way to do that,” said Carlo.

“I think the staff and students are great and I always felt supported as a student teacher,” she said.

Carlo has felt welcome at LHS because of the staff and former students she has helped teach. 

“The staff always makes me feel welcome and supported. I know that when I am struggling with something I can ask for help and get the support I need,” she said

“It has also been so nice seeing familiar faces as students from last year stop in my room to talk or say hi in the halls.”

One of the new counselors is Layne Harris. Harris was an admissions counselor at Marietta College before deciding to join the LHS family. After some time and thought she decided to go back to school and get her master’s degree so she could be a full-time school counselor.

Layne Harris.

 “I felt like I had more potential to help students build a successful life than I was able to utilize in my last career,” said Harris.

“I love meeting with my students when they stop by the counseling office. This gives me an opportunity to get to know more about them and their lives outside of just the classroom setting,” she said.

Harris loves to help students and loves to help make a difference.

“I really enjoy getting to see the positive difference I have made for students; seeing students leave my office better off than when they came in; and seeing students succeed in any aspect of their life,” said Harris

A new Spanish teacher at LHS is Olivia Young. She taught in a private school in Ecuador. There she taught English as a second language. After coming back to the States she taught as a 6th grade math teacher on an Air Force base in New Mexico.  Young is also a graduate of LHS.

“As a student, I had so many great teachers both at Fairfield Christian Academy and LHS and I really appreciated their influences in my life,” said Young. 

Young’s enjoyment in building relationships with her students doesn’t come from nowhere.

Olivia Young.

“It meant a lot to me when my teachers took time to get to know me and my classmates personally, and it made being in class more enjoyable knowing that my teachers cared about more than just my schoolwork. Having a supportive teacher can make all the difference in a kid’s life, and I wanted to work in an environment where I could be that for someone,” she said.

Other new staff members include: 

January Almaguer

Olivia Barnett

Catherine Bosworth

Brooke Cvetan

Steve Daulton

Angela Jordan

Chris Kennedy

Sadie Kimble

Collin Kozlowski

Ryan Metzger

Elizabeth Williams


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