A Tricky Season

LHS Field Hockey channel multiple challenges


2022-2023 LHS Field Hockey team. Photo courtesy of Locke.

Jaxon DeLong, Gales Tales Editor

This year’s LHS girls’ field hockey season went by like the weather. Some days were hot, some days were cold, and somewhere hot and cold at the same time. The season ended with a record of three games won, three games tied, and eleven games lost. But these numbers do not show just how much the girls and their team have grown. Coach Allison Kinniard explains some of the challenges the girls faced this year.

“We have lost many games, six games were lost by one goal. This is a challenge because we couldn’t really find a way over that hump in many games,” Coach Kinniard stated.

In games like these, one goal really makes a difference. Although, this was not the only challenge the team faced this year. LHS senior, Emmie Seymour, describes a level of challenge from her point of view.

Emmie Seymour LHS senior on the field hockey team. Photo courtesy of Seymour.

“We had a lot of seniors last year so having them leave and having a lot of new players provided difficulty with communication and team bonding for the first half of the season,” stated Seymour.

If teams cannot work together, they cannot play together. The team has shown how much they have worked together and grown over the season. Rosie Williams, another senior on the team, explains how some highlights of the season were moments the girls bonded. 

“The highlights of the season were definitely the team dinner and meals we had for Saturday away games and our last home game, it’s when the team really bonded off the field,” Williams said.

Rosie Williams LHS senior on the team. Photo courtesy of Williams.

Coach Kinniard explains the goals the team will have for next season. 

“Next season we look to build on our skill level and win those one-goal games,” Kinniard stated.

Seymour further describes how hard the team has worked every game.

“I definitely think we all had off days but as a whole, we grew a lot this season and got better each practice and each game,” Seymour said. 

This year the team had very few seniors. They were the leaders this season and took charge of the team. Allie Locke, an LHS junior, explains how the seniors supported the team and helped this year’s season.

Allie Locke (left) and Brianna Holt (right), both goalies on the team. Photo courtesy of Locke.

“They created the atmosphere and feel of the team, constantly striving to pick each other up and create a positive environment,” stated Locke.

The seniors on the team were instrumental in helping the younger athletes acquire the skills to compete at the high school level.  LHS sophomore Mia Harrison explained the impact that the senior leaders had on her.

Mia Harrison, a sophomore on the team. Photo courtesy of Harrison.

“I have learned from the seniors and coaches not only the technical skills I use on the field but how to better communicate with my teammates, which has led me to have better communication skills in other aspects of my life,” said Harrison. 

As the few seniors say farewell to their high school career,  they shared their favorite memories from field hockey and what they will miss most. 

“I will definitely miss the close friendships and bonds I have created through playing field hockey,”  Seymour stated. 

Creating a good team means getting to know one another, and team bonding helps greatly. Williams describes how field hockey has been extraordinary. 

“What I’ll miss most about my field hockey experience is just being able to play. I decided not to further my career in college, but the value of the past four years has been real,”  Williams said.