Celebrating Uniqueness

Encanto’s magical power


Disney’s Encanto embraces uniqueness. Photo courtesy of CNBC.

Isabella Hershey, Print & Website Layout Editor

Disney’s 60th animation film Encanto portrays the message that people don’t have to be special to be unique. It focuses on the Madrigal family in Columbia and how all but one family member, Mirabel, has a special magical power. Ironically, this makes Mirabel unique because she demonstrates how average people like her can be heroic.

Movie-goers are having mixed feelings about the new film when it comes to the characters, the setting and plot of the movie.

¨A thin story, dull characters, endlessly regurgitated gags, and a general air of pointlessness dog this fantasy about life in an enchanted house in an unspecified Latin country” said a reporter from National Review.

However, other critics such as New York Times writer Maya Phillips and CNN’s Kadesha Adelakunhad a positive input on the film.

“The computer animation, some of the best from any major studio in the last several years, presents a dazzling confabulation of hues and a meticulous weaving of precious details — like the embroidery on skirts, the golden-brown crust of a cheese arepa, and the selection of native Colombian flora,” said Phillips.

“I think it’s going to have a great impact on society. People are seeing this movie and they’re realizing they’re seeing themselves in it,” said Adelakun.

LHS sophomore, Kennedy Morehart. Photo courtesy of Morehart.

The movie shows the struggle of each family member trying to meet Abuela’s expectations, which is the main source of conflict during the movie. Abuela has very high expectations for her family, which can be very mentally and emotionally draining on the younger generations of the Madrigal family.

Everyone in the family is expected of so much but Mirabel, in which Abuela wanted her to stay out of things even when Mirabel wanted to help. This movie also puts into light the real struggle that people have to meet family standards and expectations.

“Encanto really shows the reality of how some people are expected of so much in their family. I feel like the song that Luisa sings really represents how overwhelming it is that so much is expected of her,” said LHS sophomore Kennedy Morehart.

LHS sophomore, Luke Franke. Photo courtesy of Franke.

Critics appreciate the film’s diversity, quality of animation, and soundtrack. It features songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda and a fine voice cast. Each character is unique in their own way and that’s what makes it stand out from other Disney films. The culture in the music is also a big factor in this new film gaining so much popularity.

“The movie Encanto is filled with likable characters and vibrant settings. All of the characters in this movie are unique in their own way and each character plays a part in the incredible story. Also, the music is very enjoyable and each song is catchy,” said LHS sophomore Luke Franke.

There is a belief that Disney movies follow a very predictable format where the “outcast” in the family ends up saving everyone with courage and ambition. Some say Encanto is different.

LHS sophomore, Aubrianah Austin. Photo courtesy of Austin.

“Encanto stands out from other Disney movies because it is one of the Disney movies that shares culture and I love their representation of POC through diversity in the family,” said LHS sophomore, Aubrianah Austin.

Encanto has been hailed for its use of music, culture, and diversity. Most importantly it also expresses the message that individuals can be uniquely powerful even if they don’t fit in with everyone else.