Grateful Dead Fans Alive Again

Dead and Company Tour met with excitement

Dead and Company playing, John Mayer left, Bill Kreutzman middle, and Bob Weir right. Courtesy of

Ethan Masten, Entertainment Editor

Dead and Company recently played in the Cincinnati Ohio Riverbend Music Center in September of this year. The concert was met with some mixed, but ultimately pleased reactions. Some COVID precautions were taken as fans were required to show vaccination cards upon entry.

Quincy Lehman. Courtesy of Lehman’s Instagram.
Quincy Lehman. Courtesy of Lehman’s Instagram.

“The energy was crazy, the music was loud and sounded great, and it was an overall awesome first concert,” said Quincy Lehman, a student at LHS.

“The band seemed to dial in with each other’s playing more with each song, and while the first set was composed of shorter songs without much jamming, their versions of Loose Lucy, Mr. Charlie, and Looks Like Rain were all well received, well played, and excellent additions to the setlist,” said Michael Stagner of

Dead and Company is the subsidiary ‘Grateful Dead’ group with John Mayer formed in 2015 long after Jerry Garcia’s passing. Garcia was the frontman, and leading creative force of the Grateful Dead. His role was taken over by rock-guitarist John Mayer when Dead & Co formed. 

“I think those are some BIG shoes to fill.  John Mayer is very talented but I don’t think I can compare him to Jerry Garcia.  He fits in well with Dead and Company though and I really do love his voice,” said a long-time DeadHead, Kendra Smith.

Kendra Smith at the concert with someone. Courtesy of Smith.
Kendra Smith at the concert with someone. Courtesy of Smith.

Another long-time DeadHead, Matthew Ward said, “John Mayer has tapped into Jerry Garcia’s circling blues heavy licks. He gets it but expands on it without making the songs too Blues jammy which is a risk because he is a blues player.”

On the topic of going to concerts during COVID, Ward said “Since they had precautions to get in it made it feel a little safer. Although it was a little too packed for my taste.”

Surrounding Dead and Co. concerts is a large group of vendors known as ‘Shakedown Street,’ that sell Dead merchandise, tie-dye apparel, accessories, and other things in that vein.

“You never know what you’re going to find or see in the lot and that’s what makes it so great.  I love the fan art and the overall feel of knowing that these things were made by fans and that purchasing it helps them in their travels,” Smith said.

You could almost feel a palpable passing of the torch from parents to their children as they proudly guided them down the rows of vendors, welcoming them into the sweaty, tie dyed and sunburnt world of a summer tour,” said Stagner.