Raising Cain at Lancaster High School

New Animals and Veterinary Science teacher


New Animal and Veterinary Science teacher, Lauren Cain and Elmer the dog. Photo courtesy of Cain.

Jaxon DeLong, Gales Tales Editor

A new teacher, Lauren Cain, has taken over the Animal and Veterinary Science position at LHS.  With her experience in teaching college classes, Cain brings a fresh perspective to the program. According to her it was sort of an accident that Cain found herself in a new career.

LHS junior and president of the LHS FAA chapter, Bailey Senften.

“Actually I wasn’t looking to teach, it was a friend who contacted me about this opening and said it would be a great opportunity,” she said.

Students are really glad that Cain took the chance and are happy that she is raising the program to new heights.

“Ever since we got Cain, the program has taken a turn for the better. Not only has Cain made an impact on the class, but on FFA, as well.  This year we have over 25 members, whereas last year we had only a few.  I am able to easily communicate with Cain and she is open to new ideas,” said LHS junior and president of the LHS FAA chapter, Bailey Senften.

Juniors Allie Jurecki and Mackenzie Dennis.

Junior Mackenzie Dennis said that Cain is very organized with the animals they care for at school.

“She’s understanding and helpful and it truly brightens my day to be able to care for and help the animals and learn about the animal industry,” said Dennis.

“I love learning about how to care for different animals,” said LHS junior, Allie Jurecki.

“We are working on choosing an animal-based job and investigating it.”

Despite being new to secondary education, Cain has real-world experience in animal science. Her background includes a bachelor’s degree in Meat Processing and Animals Science, and a master’s degree in Animal Welfare which deals with the mental, emotional and physical health of animals.

“Ms. Cain brings a wealth of knowledge in the animal science industry with experience teaching at the college level,” said Scott Burre, principal of LHS.

The associate principal of the LHS Career-Technical program, Caroline Davis, said Cain is a great addition to the LHS faculty because she has a passion for the course and wants to share that passion with students.

“Her experience as a vet tech and adjunct instructor at Columbus State made her a great candidate and we were so glad she applied and she was hired,” said Davis.

Although Cain said she has life-long experience working with children and animals, ironically, she did not grow up with a family pet. 

“Animals are just amazing loving creatures that really move people emotionally. We are so lucky we get to share our lives with animals, and I believe it is so important to care for them to the best of our ability.”