Bowling Teams Bond as Covid Strikes

Teams have a lackluster season but roll with it.


2020-2021 LHS girls and boys bowling team. Photo Courtesy of Pam Bosser.

Gage Carlucci, Entertainment Editor

Covid-19 threw some dead wood that stopped the Lancaster High School Bowling teams from achieving the season that they hoped for. On the bright side, the Boys’ Varsity bowling team made it to the district tournament. 

Wendy Russell, the head coach of the LHS Bowling team said the negative effects that Covid had on their season was one bad rack.  The season was delayed by a month and the teams had limited practice time.

“We also faced restrictions from other schools and centers. It was different every match. In some matches, we did not even compete on the same lanes as our opponent,” said Russell.

Senior at LHS, Jadyn Kilbarger. Photo Courtesy of Kilbarger.

“And of course there was the concern of keeping everyone healthy especially since our sport is held in public buildings. From my perspective, it seemed we spent more time on distractions this year,” she said. 

LHS senior, Jaydn Kilbarger, said the pandemic made the season exceptionally difficult but they did their best.

“The most challenging thing was trying to work around Covid during the season. It was a struggle for our coach to make sure we had as many matches as possible. It was different since we had to wear masks while bowling and with the amount of people on our team, it was difficult to socially distance, but we made it happen.”

No matter what came down the lane the team made the best of it.

Our season this year was fun. It was different because of us having to wear masks but we still had an amazing season,” said Bryce Kale, a junior.

LHS junior, Bryce Kale. Photo courtesy of Kale.

Kilbarger said that the coach really contributed to the team having an enjoyable season.

The coach is amazing, she always lifted my spirits up and would make sure I had a good day. She would make sure if I had a bad night at bowling, for example, if I was crying, she would come up next to me and grab me and we’d start swaying while she’s singing to me. And instantly it made me smile and get in a better mood,” said Kilbarger.

Kilbarger added that as a graduating senior, she will look back fondly on her experiences with the bowling team. 

“I will definitely miss being on the team and with the team in general. We were all close with each other and were able to talk to each other about anything. We would plan things outside of bowling like going out to eat or go bowling outside of practice and matches. We always kept in contact with each other,” she said.

In preparation for next year’s season, the team has set goals that they would like to achieve. Russell says that she would like for more girls to try bowling. 

“We specifically need to work on more girls trying out. Girl’s participation in the sport here all-around has been declining and I need to work on that.”