Student Council Leads The Way

A message from the president

Image courtesy of Google Images 2021.

Image courtesy of Google Images 2021.

Emily Lundy, Co-Editor in Chief

A worldwide pandemic is no match for the Lancaster High School Student Council. While it has made our job more difficult, it has not hindered our mission. As president of the student council, I want you to know that Student Council is rising to the challenge and servicing our community.

LHS Student Council president, Emily Lundy.

Student Council is a group of student leaders who work to impact the school community, which impacts their city or town, which impacts our state, which impacts our country, which changes the world. We organize pep rallies, Homecoming events, and the annual Adopt-a-Family event that benefits families in the Lancaster community. We are a very social group, but the pandemic has forced our meetings online and made our fundraising more difficult.

“Change is hard to adapt to especially when you have hope that things will go back to a normal routine while trying to adapt to what people say is ‘ the new normal’,” said LHS junior, Madison Wright.

Junior, Madison Wright. Photo courtesy of Wright.

This year’s members have adapted to the challenges fairly well. Homecoming looked different this year but we were still able to plan the special queen crowing ceremony.

“We worked with what we had and made the night the best we could,” stated LHS teacher, Jennifer Etherington, the student council advisor.

LHS junior and student council member said she thinks the club had many successes this semester.

“We found ways to still have some of our homecoming traditions and we are still able to dress up for Halloween even with the restrictions that have been given to us,” said Emmalee Do.

For Adopt a Family, we organized multiple student groups and clubs to adopt needy children in the community. This event is something that the Student Council membership and the community really look forward to experiencing. Despite pandemic restrictions, many families were served this year.

LHS junior, Emmalee Do. Photo courtesy of Do.

Student Council adopted a year old little girl. We bought her diapers, a Peek-a-boo unicorn interactive toy, clothes, rattles, and a Minnie Mouse plush toy, to name a few.

To raise money, we sold candy cane grams to replace the traditional hot chocolate social. This fundraiser was very beneficial and we made money to increase our revenue.

Every student has the potential to be a leader, but lack opportunities to get involved in leadership. Student Council is a great forum for students who are interested in leadership, citizenship, scholarship, human relations, and cultural values.

LHS teacher, Jennifer Etherington, Student Council advisor.

It is my goal to increase the Student Council membership here at LHS. If you like to help others through a fun, social, and engaging service club, please consider joining Student Council. We provide experiences that stress responsibility, self-confidence, self-accomplishment, dedication, respect, and integrity.

Learn to lead with us. To join Student Council, please contact Mrs. Etherington. We meet on Mondays at 9:15 a.m. each week virtually in Zoom sessions.