Lady Gales Basketball Never Say Die

Team honors favorite manager


Coach Dusty Miller

Seniors gather at Senior Night.

Madison Wright, Community Editor

The Lancaster High School Girls Basketball team ended their season with 10-12 record. After a disappointing five-game losing streak, the teammates put their heads together to improve their season and gain wins. Coaches and players spoke out about the overall experience on the court this past season.
Coach Dusty Miller gave his take on what needed to be improved this past season.

“We needed to play better on the road with our road record being 3-8 for the year compared to our home record which was 7-4,” he said.

Even with a disappointing streak, coach Miller still had faith in his players and recounted the highlights of the season.

“One of the biggest highlights of the season was our Cleveland trip which we played at the Cleveland Cavalier Arena at the beginning of the year,” he said.

“Unfortunately we lost to Logan. Also the comeback victory against Hilliard Davidson. The third thing is winning our last 6 of our last 10 games for the season.”

Photo courtesy of Dryden.
Savannah Dryden blocks a pass.The senior athletes on the team gave similar opinions about their last high school basketball season. Senior, Savannah Dryden said

“The season was not as successful as we would have wanted but we made many positive improvements to our program,” She said

“I play three sports, and basketball is by far the hardest sport I have played. But it is the sport that has taught me the most about working hard and working together.”

Another team player, Halle Spangler had a similar opinion.

“Unlike in years past we were able to overcome many challenges and grow from them, becoming a better team and closer friends,” she stated.

The inconsistent season was like a roller coaster of ups and downs.

“A difficult challenge we faced was losing by a large deficit to Newark, and then we also went on a losing streak, but came back and went on a five-game winning streak.”
Spangler continued to say that she will always remember how the players connected and supported each other through the good and bad.

“The team is super fun and we all have a great bond with one another, there is lots of positive energy and we are always having a good time.”

Perhaps one of the most touching and memorable highlights of the season featured team’s manager.

“The highlight of the season was Maizie starting and scoring against Pickerington Central. Senior Maizie Rigsby scored her first-ever basket in a real Varsity game against Pickerington Central.”