Eye of the Gale

2019-2020 Staff

David Bui

Editor in Chief

I'm a sophomore who is full of humor, a little loud, and has a bright personality! I have a lot of self-confidence and find myself quite striking in appearance. According to my friends, I can be quite full of myself but still...

Isabelle Stoica

Gales Tales Editor

Hey, its Izzy! I took this journalism class to help improve my writing skills and to be more influential in my writing. A fun fact about me is that I am bilingual; my second native language is Romanian. My interests are within...

Emily Lundy

Sports Editor

I'm Emily - some people call me Lundy. I am a sophomore at LHS.  At only 5' 1",  I'm tough and determined.  Latin Club, Student Council, playing field hockey, and music are some of the things I love. Some people would desc...

Ben Munroe

Entertainment Editor

Hello! I am Ben Munroe, the fastest 400 runner in LHS since 2017. I'm a caring and loving guy who wishes to be friends with everyone. I often jest, but I am serious when the time comes. Going out and having a fun time with friends...

Cora Dunn

Editorial Editor

I'm a sophomore who enjoys reading and writing and is a part of the LHS bookclub. In my free time,  I read books and listen to music. My favorite artists are Conan Gray and Girl In Red. My friends would describe me as kind, caring...

Sierra Rivas

Photography Editor

Hey, I'm Sierra Rivas! I am 15 years old, a sophomore, and a journalism student for Eye of the Gale. My job is the crew leader for the photography team, as well as being a general staff writer. I love to write, mainly my own short...

Mykenzi Murray

Art Editor and Staff Writer

Yo. I like drawing, sleeping, and writing in class. I create stories and design characters. I'm a part of journalism and marching band where I play the alto sax. I'm a sophomore this year, class 2022. That's kinda all there is...

Nikki Villa

Print Layout Editor

Hey, cool dudes, I'm Unyque Villa.  I usually go by Nikki because I hated my name as a kid growing up and constantly hearing the joke, "oh that a unique name!" So please, do me a favor and call me Nikki. .  I'm junior at LHS,...

Coen Schoonover

Online Website Editor

Hello, I'm Coen Schoonover and I am a sophomore at LHS.  I love to write. My passion for writing drove me to create two short stories of my own. Although they have not been published, I still see myself as a creative writer....

Eli Schleich

Staff Writer

Howdy, ya'll! I'm Eli. I love food, memes, and LHS minus the bed bugs. I am a Bari sax player in the marching band. I am a tennis player for LHS in the spring. Stay wholesome. UwU  <3  

Madison Wright

Staff Writer

Hi! Everyone calls me Madi and I'm 16 years old. I'm a very artistic sophomore who dreams of becoming a nurse just like my mother. One of the reasons I joined journalism is that I love giving my opinion and informing others about...

Lauren Whalen

Photograhpy crew

Hello! My name is Lauren but a lot of people call me Shorty. I love to read and write stories which are the main reason I'm in journalism. I'm outgoing, for sure, but also a little shy. Feel free to say hello!

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