Gales Bowling Team Works To Win

Both boy's and girl's teams roll into district tournament

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Gales Bowling Team Works To Win

LHS bowling team at Tiki Lanes. Photo courtesy of Coach Russell.

LHS bowling team at Tiki Lanes. Photo courtesy of Coach Russell.

LHS bowling team at Tiki Lanes. Photo courtesy of Coach Russell.

LHS bowling team at Tiki Lanes. Photo courtesy of Coach Russell.

Emma Deeter, Editorial Editor

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The bowling teams at Lancaster High School advanced from sectionals to the OHSAA district tournaments this season.

“Overall we had a pretty good year considering a large number of first-time bowlers we had on the team,” said LHS Bowling Coach Wendy Russell.

According to some of the players, teamwork is what truly led to the team’s success.

“I think the season went great,” said Mackenzie Walker, a senior at LHS who has been on the team for four years.

“We girls had our ups and downs in our games but by cheering louder than the other teams made a huge difference.”

Jordan Kilbarger, a senior who has been on the bowling team for three years, said the teams’ attitudes also contributed to their successful season.

“I believe our teamwork and putting other teammates first contributed the most to our success,” he said.

“We always go out of our way to help each other and always keep our heads up,” said Kilbarger.

Bowling is not just a fun activity to do with your friends, it truly takes hard work and dedication to play on a bowling team. High school bowling requires both physical and mental agility.

“There are many important attributes of a successful bowler including hand-eye coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and a strong mental game,” said Russell.

“Many people may be strong in a few of attributes I’ve noted, but not so much in others,” she said.

“As I discuss with our players frequently, the key is being able to take a million little pieces and make it all work simultaneously that will make a bowler successful.”

Even the best of teams face challenges along the way and despite a strong season, the Gales said the toughest challenges they faced were knowing which players should bowl on each oil pattern and the players being able to believe in themselves.

Jordan Kilbarger in front of the American flag at Tiki Lanes. Photo courtesy of Jordan Kilbarger. 

“I think this year’s teams represented themselves well. We have been lucky in our existence to have had numerous teams do well and this team held their own with all
of them,” said Russell.

When asked what being on the bowling team meant to them, the athletes expressed that it has influenced their high school career in very positive ways.

“The LHS bowling team was was like my second family,” said Walker.

“That’s what I’m going to miss most about high school – bonding with my team and all the support that we got and gave to each other,” Kilbarger agreed.

“It is a great honor to bowl with my friends and coach,” he said.

“It’s always a blast and we all work hard together to bring home the dub.”