Take Note – New Music Classes to be Offered

More music opportunities for LHS students

Bradon Williams, Business & Circulation Manager

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The music curriculum at Lancaster High School will now include courses for learning to play the piano and guitar. According to Sandy McCoy, a music teacher at LHS, the guidance department wanted to add another class in the arts and she thought that basic instrument instruction was a logical choice for the music program.

Sandy McCoy, Kenady Roberts, and Hannah Krusch playing at a piano.

“The new classes will be basic piano skills and basic guitar skills,” said McCoy.

“We will start with proper playing positions and the classes will be geared toward students who have no experience playing the instruments.”

Research by John Hopkins University has shown that playing an instrument requires more of the brain than regular every-day activities, which, over time, leads to musicians having a stronger, more diverse neural structure than non-musicians.

Currently, McCoy teaches a unit on both guitar and piano in her Music Appreciation course which seems very popular with students. The new guitar and piano courses will be an expansion of the current unity of studies and are expected to hit a positive chord with teenagers.
LHS student, Makayla Beatty, who has signed up for guitar class next fall, said she is looking forward to it.

Makayla Beatty, a student signing up for the new guitar class.

“I have only a small bit of experience with a guitar but learning more on my own time as of now with chords,” she said.

“I’ve owned my guitar since I was eight but never bothered to do much with it. I figured I’d fix it up, mess with it a bit and so now I’m learning slowly but surely.”

LHS junior Kenady Roberts will be taking the new piano class and says music spans all ages and tastes.

“I definitely believe that music is for everyone, though people like what they like,” she said.

“For me, music is like home, maybe it will feel that way for others too. Music really is a fun thing to listen to and create and learn. It really is a great thing once your mind is set on it.”

Not having any experience in playing the piano doesn’t seem to have an effect on Roberts’ enthusiasm for the new piano course.

“I think that others should take this class to get the chance to know Mrs. McCoy and to learn music from her.”

According to the Hugh A. Glauser School of Music at Kent State University, listening to music and learning an instrument fine tunes auditory skills and improves the brain’s ability to discern meaning from what it is hearing. For example, students and individuals that spend a considerable amount of time listening and playing music will often have a sharper sense of hearing and are better able to predict and follow patterns. LHS students who may be interested in registering for either the new guitar or piano course should see their guidance counselors as soon as possible.