The Kavanaugh Trials

What teens can take away from the judge's past

Allegations of sexual misconduct in Brett Kavanaugh's past resurface after nearly 30 years.

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Allegations of sexual misconduct in Brett Kavanaugh's past resurface after nearly 30 years.

Alexis Owens, Editor in chief

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Like a boomerang, one’s actions always have a way of coming back around. Brett Kavanaugh’s controversial congressional hearings that preceded his appointment to the United States Supreme Court can teach teenagers a valuable lesson. What one does today has the potential to either benefit or bomb one’s reputation later in life.

Teenagers today have had a front row seat to the emergence of movements such as MeToo, TimesUp, and the Women’s March that have brought to the public’s attention the relevancy of sexual misconduct in our society. Judge Kavanaugh’s recent televised hearings and many other celebrity cases are warnings to young people. Be nice. Mind your manners. Be respectful of others because it will only be a matter of time before your past actions resurface in your future.

Judge Kavanaugh’s reported checkered past with substance abuse and injustice toward women came to light during his confirmation hearings. Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault 36 years ago when they were in college.

Eye of the Gale is urging readers to take heed and be aware of the consequences of your actions toward one another. In this modern day of technology, there is always someone watching and recording with an electronic device.

In the last few years, Hollywood celebrities spoke out against reported abuses and injustice, claiming they were forced to stay silent in the past and tolerate sexual misconduct in lieu of being blacklisted.
The 75th annual Golden Globe awards brought attention to the MeToo movement when female celebrities wore all black and used the award stage as their political platform. Movie producers, business executives, politicians, and other prominent people are now suffering the consequences of their past actions.

What we post on social media is often being archived and copied and many times without our awareness or permission. Potential employers are looking at social media profiles and scrutinizing what kind of an employee you may be based on your social media presence. Photos with even the slightest questionable content may come back to haunt you and destroy a potentially successful future.

Judge Kavanaugh’s handwritten notes on calendars he saved for decades reflected a negative attitude toward women. Imagine what may have been unearthed if modern technology was available when he was a big man on campus.
What goes around sometimes comes back around. Whether positive or negative, actions have both rewards and consequences. Eye of the Gale says, just be nice.